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Carved solid wood Laquered netsuke oak tree acorn ojime bead wooden figure  ..2
Buy: $16.48
Carved solid wood netsuke oak tree acorn ojime bead collectable wooden figure .1
Buy: $16.48
Japanese Old Vintage Stump Oak Tree Wooden Base KYOTO
Fabric Art Panel Print with Grist Mill in a 12"x10" Oak Frame
Charm Thai Twin Na Oak Tak Takrud Oil Pendant Love Couple Luck Amulet LP Ruam
Buy: $39.0
Vintage Peepal Leaf Painting in oak  Frame - Set of 2 art pieces from India
Antique Erotic  Indian Miniature on Paper/silk oak framed
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Vintage Small Hand Carved Wooden Tobacco Jar Urn 7" wood oak? LID SITS PERFECT!
Buy: $38.0
Vintage Original Painting Large Bas-Relief Tin Oak Germany Ancient Old 40 - 50s